Tuesday, 8 January 2013

7c a beer!

After finding beer for 7c a bottle, we thought Porto had peaked and it would all be downhill from there, but then we found an (possibly the only) amazing restaurant in Porto. Hidden away in a side street, it had fancy napkins, bread baskets and a coffee after the meal, all for €6 each! After so many slightly questionable sandwiches (tuna and fried egg is an exception) it was such a relief. The salted 'peixe' was gorgeous,as was Ryan's 'puff of chicken, despite our original misgivings about the powers of Google translate when it comes to food.

This morning (in reality well into the afternoon as one half of Ryan and Kat is rather fond of his lie ins, especially when the temperature in the bedroom is 10 degrees), after a breakfast of pastries de nata and fresh baguettes with cheese, we hopped on the swanky metro which whizzed us acrossthe Douro to Vila Nova de Gaia to see the port caves. Cesar was our tour guide, cue much hilarity:
Cesar: where are you from?
Couple in our tour group: Sweden
Cesar: oh, you're in the wrong group, good bye.... ONLY JOKING!

Cesar promptly joined Vernon the RAC Man on our List of Legends. 
We toured the Calem port cellars, met a crazy Slovenian couple who made us swear to stay in their hostel in the Algarve and drank a rather large couple of glasses of port at the tasting.

Also: Kat got a kiss from a Portuguese little girl when she gave her her happy meal toy. Ryan was a gentleman and finished Kat's port too, to avoid her embarrassment of course. 

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  1. Love the crazy grins. What is salted peixe? And I take it that Colin Firth did not burst into your restaurant to astound you with his passionate Portuguese? Google Translate must pretty much nix that story line these days.