Sunday, 20 January 2013


Our first day in Hungary, it snowed/ rained and was generally horrific, so we took our frozen selves off to Széchenyi steam baths for some therapeutic soaking in hot water from Budapest's sulphuric hot springs in an outdoor pool surrounded by snow and then to Arriba Taqueria for some 100% authentic Hungarian quesadillas. We woke up to breakfast on our breakfast bar (note the fruit bowl please, Mum) and sunshine


  1. Love the fruitbowl - but see it appears untouched. You've always preferred chocolate spread/mousse... :-)

  2. Hmm, maybe Kat and Ryan are lugging around wax or plastic fake fruit just to keep their mothers happy? Their real travel diet seems to be doughnuts, pizza, cakes, burgers, beer and chocolate...