Sunday, 6 January 2013

Porto, starring our nonexistent sense of direction and introducing Mavis the Mouse

Once we'd made our way through the dodgy end of Porto at midnight, thanks to Ryanair, found our hotel, explained to the guy on reception that we wanted our room key, not a microwave, we were planning to fall into bed and sleep for at least three days. However, Mavis then introduced herself as the complimentary under-shower mouse (cue Kat levitating, screaming and jumping onto the bed, Ryan: "huh?")

This morning though, sipping beer next to the Douro in bright, warm sunshine, Porto made up for its unexpected friendly rodents. 

Add a boat trip in more blinding sunlight, the best chocolate quente we've ever had, Ryan mastering his fear of heights to cross the Ponte Dom Luis (reeeeaaally high) and the discovery of tuna and fried egg sandwiches, we were feeling enough in the holiday spirit to sample some port (quite a bit) with dinner and Mavis the Second (see below and spot Mavis II next to the volcano/ boob shaped pastry).

The jury is still out on Francesinhos though...

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