Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Sistine Chapel and a piccolosimo problemo

We spent our last day in Rome wandering around St Pauls Basilica and the Vatican Museum before a last Italian meal at Luzzis (we spent hours looking for a trattoria without a terrible tourist menu by counting the Italians eating there and found some of the best food in Rome, so we went back three times). The basilica is truly stunning, even Ryan said wow, but our favourite part of being in the Vatican was watching nuns crossing roads while playing angry birds on their ipods. The museum was huge, literally enormous, with gallery after gallery of increasingly ridiculous decor. We even preferred the bonkers ceiling in the map room to the Sistine Chapel(!).  

Just before take off in our flight to Greece, as all the passengers were starting to get a bit agitated about the delay, a steward came on loudspeaker to announce a "piccolosimo problemo" with the engine, which we found so funny we didn't even freak out. Everything was fixed though, we were only fifteen minutes late landing in Thessaloniki, and found our way to our beautiful hotel in time for gyros and baklava for dinner. 

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