Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Thessaloniki, the bus to Istanbul and some good news

The highlight of our time in Greece, apart from rest from baroque architecture as most of it burned down in the early 1900s, were the gyros (yes, this is rather a food oriented tour of the world, and no, Ryan still hasn't eaten any vegetables), the citrus trees along every street and also the super helpful owner of our pretty hotel, who didn't even let us put our backpacks down before highlighting good restaurants, which buses to get and where to buy tickets to Istanbul on our map (there's a picture of the hotel too, just to prove Matt and his comment about our cheapskate standards of accomodation wrong :P). We did do a tour of the city and the top near the wall, which had escaped the fire, did look worth exploring if we had had more time, but we hopped onto our luxury bus to Istanbul instead. Compared to flying with Ryanair, the deliciously comfy reclining seats, wifi and gorgeous views of snowy peaks and Mediterranean beaches made us wish we'd driven the whole way. We even made it across the Turkish border without incident, they did grant our visas and Kat did (just) manage to get back on the bus before it left duty free!
We got to our hotel in Istanbul blissfully calm in comparison to our arrivals by plane, only to have our day made even better by our beautiful hotel WITH COMPLIMENTARY SLIPPERS and possibly the nicest receptionist in the world, who not only recommended somewhere for dinner, but when we asked where the closest atm was to get some lira, lent us enough for dinner from his own pocket instead! 
Sadly due to a matching pair of disgusting colds, we don't have many Istanbul photos for you yet, but we're working on it.
As for the good news, Kat got an unconditional offer from Warwick university, so we went off to celebrate in a rather swanky Turkish nargile bar.

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  1. Best post yet. You're getting very good at this. Thank you for the orange tree and the cushions!