Friday, 8 February 2013

Agra, the big Taj and the baby Taj

We arrived in Agra early, having left our hotel in Delhi at 4am and were (quite politely) accosted by a tuk tuk wallah at the station who drove us to our hotel, and then offered his services as a driver and tour guide for the rest of the day for the huge sum of 600 rupees (about £7). Walking around in Agra is a bit of a mission and involves dodging cows, crazy speeding motorbikes and bicycle carts piled high with 5ft stacks of shoe boxes, so we agreed and sped off to the Taj. He also took us to a few less packed places like the site of the planned black Taj on the other side of the river and a smaller, but much more ornate tomb, nicknamed the 'baby Taj'. After this we were both a little sunburnt, and being absolute party animals we were both in bed by 7pm in order to wake up and leave the hotel at 3am to catch the train to Ajmer. This should have been easy, but proved a bit more problematic when the only tuk tuk we could find broke down half way there. Luckily enough we were able to hail another from the side of the road before too long, and eventually made it to the station.

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