Saturday, 2 February 2013

Cultureful Istanbul

We're flying to India tomorrow and we're both quite sad to be leaving Istanbul, although we are well and truly kebab-ed out. We did a cruise on the Bosphorus in the rain, which dampened the fun just a little, but the Grand Bazaar was full of culture (cue Kat inventing a word: cultureful) and exciting stalls selling everything from "Gucci" jeans to guns. We love the food here and we've discovered some weird new drinks too; apple tea, sahlep (a kind of gelatinous milk and honey hot drink) and buttermilk (literally foamy buttermilk, Kat loved it but Ryan was unimpressed). 

We also managed to post our big heavy coats home (heads up families), which was a lot more of a challenge than it sounds. First, to post your coat, find a post office. Then, when it's shut, walk across Istanbul to find another one. Next, locate helpful street vendor to translate the sign on the very locked door. Now follow his directions (using our fluent Turkish) to the actual post office. Triumphantly, walk into the post office, only to look a bit stupid as they don't sell packaging. Walk out of post office, blushing slightly as Turkish people tut at you. Head to stationary shop which is displaying large padded envelopes in the window, assuming it might also sell boxes. Wrong. However, now the stationary shop man, once you've communicated that you want a box and not directions to the Blue Mosque, will get his son to walk you around the corner to somewhere they do sell boxes. The son does so, but leaves you with the helpful street vendor, who seems to sell wallets. Look perplexed for a few seconds before being led into a dodgy looking corridor off the street and shown a small door. Look perplexed some more. Now gasp in awe as the miniature door opens into a warehouse, filled to the rafters with cardboard boxes. Lastly, make your way back to the post office to send your parcel, after which we recommend a chicken durum wrap to recover from the ordeal.

Bye bye Turkey, IT'S CURRY TIME!

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  1. Fab pix - glad you enjoyed Turkey. Have a safe trip to India,let us know when you get there!