Wednesday, 6 February 2013


We're in India! The road our (very nice) hotel is on is the main bazaar street in Paharganj, which means it's mental as soon as we step out of the lobby and we don't dare get the camera out, so there's a bit of a lack of photographic documentation of where we're staying. Today though, we went to see Humayun's Tomb, which meant finding the metro, getting rid of our new best friend who told us getting his bus was a much better idea, going through x-ray scanners and getting laughed at by a crew of Indian girls (we are hoping it was because we were the only foreigners, not because we smell horrific). The tomb itself was beautiful, in a quiet park with boys playing cricket using a stack of bricks as the wicket. Coming home, Ryan had his first ever ride in a tuk tuk (scroll down for the picture of this momentous occasion) and his first masala dosa. Also, Kat may have pimped her bag.

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