Wednesday, 20 February 2013


We are sorry we've been MIA for so long... Blame Kat, she threw up on this 600 year old giant mountain fort. 

The projectile vomiting pretty much confined us to our hotel in Jodhpur. Really sadly it also meant we had to skip our camel trek in Bikaner and head straight to Jaipur to catch our flight south, or rather wait at the airport for 4 hours watching Indian people shouting at each other. We were getting more and more irate, only to be told with the classic Indian head wiggle that we would somehow make it onto our flight to Goa, which had already left Mumbai, before finally getting put on another flight (the replacement of our replacement flight) so overall, SpiceJet are ****, don't fly with them. We did eventually make it to Goa though, 5 hours late, but we're now so sunburnt, happy and full of watermelon, beer and the tastiest prawns in the world that we are stubbornly hopeful about our SpiceJet flight tomorrow, despite the nationwide strike. Wish us luck. 

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