Monday, 25 February 2013


Kerala is the most relaxing place to visit in India. Almost everything is the polar opposite to Northern India; it's quiet and peaceful, people are helpful and happy to see you, and tourists aren't treated as idiots with lots of money. If we were going to come back to India for a holiday, it would definitely be here.

We spent an afternoon walking around the Hindu festival which we guessed was responsible for the earth shaking fireworks and Gangnam Style blasting through the backwaters at 6am, and found a tiny temple surrounded by thousands of children with intricate make up and tiaras (yep, the boys too) and bright red pirate bandanas. They parade around the temple every day for twenty one days, meaning that the surrounding countryside is full of families living in tiny tents for three weeks so their children can be blessed by the goddess of the temple. The children were all excited to try their English, and once a few had spotted our cameras and asked for a photo, we were mobbed by hundreds of kids all wanting to pose for us. On the way home we even bumped into the two tuk tuk drivers that had taken us shopping the day before, who both stopped us for a chat and tried to insist on taking us back home for free. Tuk tuk drivers of New Delhi, take note.

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