Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Dragons, chilis and fingerpuppets

We've made it Bangkok, and it's lovely to know we'll be here for long enough for routines, finding favourite places and having a bit of a rest as well as to really make a difference with our volunteer work. We're nearly finished our first (four day) week at the school we're working at and despite initial trepidation about spending three months here (read: couldn't communicate with the kids or any of the teachers and our only role seemed to be reading out flashcards in English, over and over again) we've now figured things out and are loving it. So our mornings are spent teaching the kids the English alphabet (in Kat's case) and being used as a giant cuddly climbing frame (in Ryan's case), our afternoons are spent sweating to death playing badminton in 35 degrees and swimming in the sun before coming home to draw out and photocopy 60 sets of finger puppets for the kids to colour in and burning our tongues on unbelievably spicy but delicious Thai food for dinner.

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