Thursday, 11 April 2013

We are never, ever, ever.... coming back home

So to take advantage of our week off for Songkran (and as a birthday treat week), we booked some very last minute flights and a hotel, and jetted down to Phuket. We'll put up the snorkelling pictures soon too!

our £10 per person per night room, 
including the biggest breakfast buffet we've ever seen. 
no, we couldn't believe it either.

coolest plane ever?

Ryan learning to kite surf!

the long and arduous trek to our almost private pool 
(we shared it with 3 other rooms, but they were lazy so we had it to ourselves
 for the whole trip and yes, this is the same £10 a night room)

Kat may have insisted that Ryan take her to play mini golf at Dino Park

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