Sunday, 12 May 2013


It's taken 2 flights, 4 long drives, a bout of heatstroke, some severe harness rash, many many beers, a few spectacular crashes, a couple of coconuts and an entire bottle of sunblock, but we can both now (technically) surf while attached to a kite! 

We had an amazing time both weekends we spent in Pattaya, although our lack of Russian language skills was a problem we had not expected on our travels in Southeast Asia! We'd really recommend the KSA school at Jomtien, who showed us the (ehem, interesting) nightlife, gave us a place to stay and helped us get home as well as not letting us die! Now though, our aching shoulders are really enjoying our day off for the Royal Ploughing Ceremony (which we only found out about when we turned up to work and it was deserted, oops). We're slowly realising how soon we have to leave Bangkok, and so we're rushing around buying suitcases and organising visas for the next leg of our trip, Malaysia and Vietnam!

Question for bonus points: What are this? ^

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