Saturday, 18 May 2013

Will the real Curly Fry please stand up?

After many hours getting lost and annoyed with all the other sweaty tourists at Chatuchak, we had a coconut break in the park and then went off to find Rot Fai Market. This hipster hang out of choice for young Bangkokians is still very low on the tourist radar, so we found Spiderman, a Casablanca themed bar and a vintage pinball machine but only one other farang, who seemed equally dissapointed that we had found his secret market.

^ now THAT is a curly fry ^

After 5 months of travelling, we realised what we really, really missed more than anything in the world was mashed potato and gravy (sorry families). We are ashamed to say we did not eat Thai spicy noodles last night, or even eat in a Thai restaurant, but stuffed ourselves in a proper English pub, drinking beer and watching rugby.

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