Monday, 3 June 2013

Kek Lok Si and a nice boulder

On our last day in Penang we hopped on a bus up into the mountains to see Kek Lok Si, a bonkers temple on top of a hill overlooking Georgetown. We got slightly sidetracked by the dragon candy sign we'd seen on the bus and ran back down the hill to find out what it was, but did eventually make it to the temple. Kek Lok Si is the biggest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia and is made up of a load of different buildings, all a mish mash of Chinese, Thai, Burmese and Indian styles, and an absolutely huge statue in her very own absolutely huge pagoda a bit higher up the hill. To make up for saying we miss mash more than you, dearest families, there is a ribbon with your names on the prayer ribbon tree at Kek Lok Si. We hope you forgive us. 
After having to find our own way back down the hill (the cable car had closed) we felt we deserved to finally find out what the squares of bright red meaty stuff tasted like. It turns out it tastes like bacon soaked in honey then made into jerky so we promptly dubbed it jungle bacon (there's a similar thing in Thailand which is traditionally for people going trekking in the rainforest). We celebrated our last night in Penang with another giant burger (it's ok because the restaurant started out as a roadside stall, and only Malaysians seem to know about it, so we are technically eating local food) and got our bus up to the Cameron Highlands the next morning!

^ we do apologise for the Shrek reference, but we both shouted it out 
simultaneously as we  spotted this and then laughed so much the coach 
drivers near us all got up to see what the matter was

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