Friday, 7 June 2013

Space Ginger!

The space museum in KL is full of awesome stuff including a space toilet (mainly aimed at children, so of course we loved it), is free and is highly air conditioned. Three major boxes ticked in our sweaty cheapskate books, but minus points for being at the top of a really, really big hill. We may have returned to the awesomest burger joint in the world to try their wackier creations; we made friends with the co-founder on our first trip and decided that our lives would not be complete without trying the Jammin' with Elvis Burger (beef, peanut butter and jam) and the Water balloon (beef, salted watermelon and lychee), but it was all in the name of research for our Burger League table, so the calories don't count. Also, scroll down for Ryan's travel workout (had to burn off the burger somehow)!

^ Petronas Tower pull ups!

^ your eyes are not deceiving you, that is lychee and watermelon 
with a beef patty in a charcoal burger bun.

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