Sunday, 21 July 2013

Angkor Wat

Instead of getting a tuk yuk our a guided tour, we decided to rent bikes and do the Angkor complex at our own pace (i.e crazy fast because we'd slept in) and apart from being REALLY hot and REALLY far (our guesthouse lied about how far from the ruins it was, by about 15 kilometres). We had a beautiful day and found smaller temples that weren't on the big tour itineraries, which we think were actually much nicer than Angkor Wat itself and Ta Prohm; much less scaffolding and not crawling with obnoxious Chinese tour groups. (We saw a Dutch girl very nicely ask a Chinese girl to move a few steps so her friend could take a picture of her and the Chinese girl stayed put and posed!). After all that cycling we felt we deserved a proper Italian pizza at Il Forno, which even uses actual cheese! An upside of Siem Reap being so full of tourists is the really good Western food everywhere for such occasions when pizza is just plain necessary.

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